Partners and Associations
Association "Operators of medical goods market"

(OMGM) was founded on 7 November 2012 by prominent companies – medical goods operators as the first in Ukraine professional corporation of importers, distributors and other medical goods market players to protect professional interests of the Association members and support free competition on the market of medical goods. The medical goods market operators first announced their intention to incorporate into the Association in September 2102 in the frame of the I Ukrainian Forum of the medical goods market operators. This process was catalyzed not least because of the events and changes in effective laws which brought about the need in consolidation of the market players to set up an efficient mechanism for protection of the market interests under growing pressure from the state.

The American Trade Chamber in Ukraine

(Chamber) is the most active and influential public non-profit business association among those existing in Ukraine. One of the main tasks of the Chamber is to represent interests of foreign investors operating in the country and conduce to appearance of new investors on this market. The Chamber collaborates in trade, commerce and economic reforms not only with the Ukrainian government but also with the governments of other countries which are economic partners of Ukraine, to protect interests of the Chamber member companies from more than 50 countries of the world. Among the members of the Chamber are the companies from various regions and countries of the world including North America, Europe, Asia, Russia and Ukraine, which are strategic and institutional investors with the largest volume of direct foreign investments in the market of Ukraine. The Chamber is in close collaboration with the Ukrainian authorities to improve business environment and attract domestic and foreign investments to the Ukrainian economy, it conduces to development of stable, transparent but fair business rules in Ukraine and integration of Ukraine into the world commonwealth.

The European Business Association

EBA was founded in 1999 as a forum for discussion and solution of the problems which businessmen face in Ukraine. This initiative of the businessmen who saw advantages and benefit of joint action of the European business circles in Ukraine was supported by the European Commission. Today the European Business Association is the prominent organization of international business in Ukraine and incorporates about 900 European, Ukrainian and international companies. The European Business Association acts as an independent institution which reports to its members. As non-profit corporation of legal entities, the Association sees it key mission in representation of interests of European and domestic investors in Ukraine. The steps towards improvement of investment climate are the main job of the Association since it was set up.

Modern Pharmacy Magazine

Is a specialized review for professionals of the industry who want to be well aware of all the events of pharmaceutical market and use in practice the advanced achievements in medicine and pharmacy. Modern Pharmacy Magazine review audience includes chemist’s shop managers, retail pharmacists, general practitioners, managers of distributor companies. Editorial board of the publication consists of professors of the prominent medical and pharmaceutical higher schools of Ukraine, which guarantees quality and professional approach in preparation of information materials. Circulation of the review is 8,000 copies with each issue read by at least 5 persons, it means that with placing advertisement and information materials about the products of the company in our review their advantages become known by more than 35,000 specialists which daily give recommendations as to the choice of medicinal products to the clients of the chemist’s shops.

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