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Access to and use of this website is subject to the following conditions. Please do not use the website if you do not agree to these terms and conditions. This website was developed by Cratia Ltd. We reserve the right to discontinue the use of this website or make any partial or complete changes to this website. Please note that we may also make such changes at our discretion and without prior notice. We therefore ask that you re-read the terms and conditions and note any changes or amendments that may be made on your next visit to our website.


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All information, files, graphic materials published on this website are the exclusive property of Cratia Ltd. Any permission to use such materials is granted with the stipulation that all copies will have the appropriate copyright notice, that such information will be used only for personal purposes, that it will not be used for commercial purposes, that no changes will be made to the information and that all illustrations taken from the website will be used only together with a link to this website.


Trademarks and copyrights

All objects placed on the Website, including text, graphic images, illustrations, video, programs, sounds and other objects and their collections (hereinafter referred to as “Content”) are subject to the exclusive rights of Cratia Ltd. and/or affiliated companies of Cratia Group, unless otherwise specified or otherwise perceived as third party rights. Nothing in these terms and conditions shall be deemed a transfer of exclusive rights to the Content. Any unauthorized use of such trademarks or other materials is strictly prohibited and is a violation of copyright, trademark law or other industrial property rights.

Using the information, files, graphics and video materials presented on the website, the user may refer to the trademarks in reports, news columns, video-based materials for a period of three years from the date of publication, provided that such reporting does not discredit Cratia Ltd. and/or its affiliates. Any other, including off-reporting, commercial use is strictly prohibited and will be considered an infringement of intellectual property rights to the trademark and/or any other intellectual property rights.


Restricted liability

Cratia Ltd. collected detailed information presented on this website from internal and external sources to the best of its knowledge and belief, exercising professional discretion. We strive to constantly expand and update the whole range of information. The information on this website is intended solely for the purpose of representing Cratia Ltd. and its products and services. However, we do not make any representations or warranties, direct or indirect, as to the completeness and correctness of the information on the website. Please note that such information may be published incorrectly, inaccurately or may be out of date. We therefore recommend that you check any information you receive from this website before using it in any way.

The information provided on the website does not release you from your own checks for current information, in particular our security and performance data sheets, and from checking our products for suitability for intended procedures and purposes. If you need information regarding our products or services, please contact us directly.

Users of this website declare that they agree to access the website and its content at their own risk. Neither Cratia Ltd. nor third parties involved in the creation, production or transmission of this website can be held liable for any damage or injury resulting from your access or inability to access or use this website or from your reliance on the information provided on this website.


Independent websites and links

This website contains links to third party websites. By providing such links, Cratia Ltd. does not give its consent to their content. Nor does Cratia Ltd. take any responsibility for the availability or content of these websites or any liability for damage or injury resulting from the use of their content, in any form. Cratia Ltd. does not provide any guarantee regarding the quality of the information provided on third-party websites. Links to third party websites are provided on this website for the user’s convenience only. Users link to third party websites at their own risk. The choice of links should in no way restrict the user from visiting the linked pages.


Information provided by users

Users of this website are fully responsible for the content and correctness of the information they send to Cratia Ltd. as well as for the absence of violations of any rights of third parties that may be related to this information. The user grants Cratia Ltd. his or her consent to the storage of information and its use for statistical analysis or any other purposes related to the conduct of business unless these purposes affect the use of personal information and the use of personal data. In particular, Cratia Ltd. is entitled to use the content of the messages, including ideas, inventions, projects, methods and experience provided therein for any purpose, such as developing, manufacturing and/or marketing products or services. As well as reproducing such information and making it available to third parties without any restrictions.


International users

Verification, work and updating of this website is carried out by Cratia Ltd. in Ukraine, Kyiv. This website is intended for international use. However, the company Cratia Ltd. does not guarantee that the information provided on the website is reliable worldwide and, in particular, that products and services will be available with the same appearance, in the same sizes and on the same terms worldwide. When visiting this website or downloading its content, please note that you are responsible for the legality of your actions in accordance with local laws applicable in your country.


Applicable law

Any legal claims or actions connected with this web-site or its use are subject to interpretation within the limits of laws of Ukraine.


Claims, concerning the future

This website may contain future-oriented statements based on current assumptions and forecasts of employees of Cratia Ltd. Many known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors could cause the actual future results, financial situation, development or performance of the company and the calculations contained in this document to differ. These facts include the information provided in the company’s reports at The Company assumes no responsibility for updating these forward-looking statements or making them consistent with future events or developments.


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